Why You Should Consider Ventless Cooking

Jun 16, 2020 1:54:46 PM / by Ignite Foodservice Solutions

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As more and more commercial kitchens turn to more energy-saving equipment, there are several reasons why ventless cooking is growing in popularity. These entirely self-contained systems allow you to cook delicious food in places where it would normally be impossible because of the lack of a conventional vented hood.
There are many reasons why you might want to consider this increasingly popular cooking method. In this article, we'll highlight 8 reasons to add ventless cooking options to your venue.

Top 8 Reasons to Choose Ventless Cooking

Ventech Ventless Oven- IgniteTraditional commercial kitchen ventilation is a fairly involved process that involves a hood, ductwork, exhaust fans, fire-suppression systems, and ultimately, a hole through the building. Obviously, this isn't always feasible in rented spaces. Even if you own the building, CKV installation is often cost-prohibitive.

By contrast, self-contained ventless cooking systems capture and remove grease, food particles, and vapors internally. The only cooking by-products generally released into the air are harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide.


Space Restrictions 

Have you found the perfect location but it simply doesn't have room for a traditional venting system? Don't skip that otherwise perfect space. Install ventless cooking systems instead. They take up much less space than conventional venting options and allow you to focus on a space that's perfect for customers rather than a hulking hood.
An established restaurant can also benefit from ventless cooking. These systems allow you to add cooking options in areas where it would normally be impossible. Now you can do more cooking in less space and do it more efficiently, too.


Easy Installation


Ventless cooking is perfect for non-traditional venues. These systems minimize concerns about permits, equipment not fitting through doorways, and the need for a hood. With ventless, you can cook almost anywhere.


Cost Savings


Examine the costs associated with a traditional CKV system and you can clearly see how ventless cooking is a less expensive option. The costs for installing or expanding a CKV system range around $2,000 per linear foot for installation followed by approximately $30 a day to operate.




A built-in hood becomes a part of the building and ownership reverts to the building owner when you move out of a rented or leased space. If you need to move, you can simply unplug your ventless equipment and take it with you. You can also depreciate the equipment on your taxes since you own it.


Improved Efficiency 


Improve your kitchen's efficiency by placing ventless equipment closer to where it's needed. That can include service areas and even the dining area if needed. In today's environment when food production is often moved to the front-of-the-house and the front-of-the-house is now the sidewalk, mobility is key.


Flexible Cooking Options


Today's ventless cooking options include baking, braising, broiling, grilling, oven frying, poaching, roasting, and steaming. If it can be done using electricity, there's probably a ventless cooking system that is able to do it. There are even ventless dishwashers to help with the clean-up.


Energy Savings


These highly efficient units save on cooking expenses as well as ventilation costs. Going ventless can also help meet the needs of new energy restrictions mandated by government regulations.




It's hard to think of a venue where these versatile units wouldn't work. Small spaces, front-of-house, pop-up events, cooking demonstrations, and stadiums are just a few of the places where ventless cooking works perfectly.


The National Restaurant Association awarded their coveted Kitchen Innovations Awards to ventless products in 2014 and 2015. These awards honor new technologies and equipment that increase productivity and improve the bottom line for operators. We think that alone is a great reason to invest in ventless cooking.


Consider ventless cooking for your commercial kitchen operation. Let one of our experts at Ignite Foodservice help you serve up the best equipment for your operation's needs with a FREE foodservice consultation. 

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