Introducing the New Duke HotColdFreeze™ Well System

May 8, 2020 11:30:01 AM / by Ignite Foodservice Solutions

Duke HotColdFreeze™


Foodservice operators, today more than ever, know that versatile menu options are critical to a successful foodservice program. Accomplishing this can be challenging if you don’t have the proper tools to do the job. Duke Manufacturing has developed solutions to meet these types of challenges for many years. Duke’s latest solution, the HotColdFreeze drop-in food well, is another example of innovative problem solving, from a trusted partner.


Serving Flexibility 


Duke's HotColdFreeze is the newest solution to the challenge of hot and cold holding in a single drop in food well. The HotColdFreeze™ is designed to help you provide hot, cold, or frozen items, in a self-contained drop in food well. The HotColdFreeze from Duke, gives you ultimate flexibility by allowing each well to be controlled independently. Whether you have room for 1,2,3 or 4 wells, Duke’s HotColdFreeze has you covered. With this much control, imagine the possibilities. You could have a hamburger or burrito/taco line up in 3-4 well footprint, that includes your hot, cold and a frozen desert to top it off.


With Duke's HotColdFreeze drop-ins, your opportunities for flexible menu offerings is virtually unlimited. Through advances in technology, easy maintenance, and options for different sizes on the units, you can serve meals faster while taking up as much or as little space as you choose. The stainless steel equipment is made to last long, improve service times, and provides easy serviceability.


The Duke Hot-Cold-Freeze Food Well System Overview


Modern Day Technology


With 10 pre-programmed functions, you can choose between different levels of dry heat, wet heat, cold, and frozen temperature levels. These are made to perform with accuracy and save you much needed time. Stray from limited functions as you manage your product through built-in WiFi for future connectivity upgrades. The built-in touchscreen only helps make the operation process easier by making needed changes simple to staff as they check in on filling, refilling, and adjusting the controls of each well.


Combined, all of the technology implemented allows you to easily serve consumers in places that operate with a buffet-type service.



Duke HotColdFreeze SystemThe convenience of Duke's HotColdFreeze well system doesn't stop at technology. Each system offers you 1-4 wells that you can drain and refill individually. If you run out of an item, the rest of the units continue to operate maintaining your ability to provide for hungry customers. Additionally, to service each unit, you don't have to remove them from the counter. Simply just remove the compressor to service the unit without taking the unit apart, and this will help reduce the time of a service call and will help with saving money on labor.

Versatility in the units allows you to reduce the cost of heating and have the ability to use the well in any configuration - hot, cold, or frozen - right next to each other. Not only does this help save you money by individually heating the units, but it allows you to serve more consumers in less time. The flush mount offers easy access for cleaning and provides an aesthetically pleasing view of the food. Consumers will love the display and feel confident in knowing what they're ordering.

Add flexibility and versatility to your foodservice operation's serving capabilities. Let one of our experts at Ignite Foodservice help you serve up the best equipment for your operation's needs with a FREE foodservice consultation. 

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