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Mar 23, 2020 3:36:49 PM / by Ignite Foodservice Solutions

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As we deal with this world of uncertainty in the age of COVID-19, every day we wake up and something new has happened. Actually, it's almost every hour, especially in the world of foodservice.


As I was thinking about the damage already being done, I hear the world saying, we are all in this together. I hope they're right. The banks had their crisis, and 9/11 produced its challenges for the airline industry, and in a sense, the impacts airlines felt in 2001 is similar to what the restaurant industry is experiencing today. This may be where our industry finds its own changes, and it's incredibly important to embrace the change.


But what are those changes?


You may think its meal delivery, as I've heard with some, or even more internet interaction with the customer. But let's be honest. If we continue to get emails or statements on how everyone is reacting to this crisis, the real crisis will be everyone's mental wellbeing.
Fact is, we're all going to miss the social interaction, the meeting with a group of friends or taking a client or an associate out to dinner. Those are actually fundamental reasons to embrace the change in how we handle this crisis.
When I was in the military, I served during the first Gulf War. Our enemy was clear. In other wars, we knew who our enemy was. Now, the biggest challenge this creates is how do we have an enemy we cannot see. If we go outside, everything looks normal, but yet the tiniest germ has brought us to our financial knees.
So what does it mean to embrace the change? It means to embrace the unknown, to embrace your friends and family because this will all be over in time, and we will regret it if we don't take that moment and enjoy your family.
Embrace your customers, as they are having hardship like no others. I know this may come as a shock, but even embrace your competition. Remember that now, like no other, is for us not to divide but to band together over this common enemy, which is the unknown.
When the enemy is beat, when the virus is gone, and we get the all-clear to go out and dine and gather, let's all treat it like the victory celebration it deserves to be. And celebrate in one of your favorite, local restaurants.
Carl Kisner

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