12 Days of Christmas Recipes

Dec 18, 2020 2:19:34 PM / by Ignite Foodservice Solutions

12 Days of Christmas Recipes- Ignite


'Tis the season for holiday cooking! This year, we're sharing a collection of our favorite holiday recipes that you too can try in your kitchen. Check out a preview of Chef Daina Canavan's 12 Days of Christmas Recipes below and get all the recipes here. 



With a Wood Stone Fire Deck & PacoJet 2 Plus and only a few ingredients for this homemade sauce, you can craft the tastiest pour for your pasta. Garlic, balsamic vinegar, and fresh Roma tomatoes make the perfect blend to give you that fire-roasted flavor to start the holiday season off with a kick.




Starbucks may have perfected Gruyere bites, but now you can make them yourself with your Alto-Shaam Smoke N Hold & Vector. They take roughly an hour to make but are tastefully worth it. 




Perfect for appetizers or a snack throughout the day, use a Vector to make these delicious cream cheese filled sweet peppers. Add in bacon, parmesan, and garlic for that perfect gooey blend, and cook for 6-8 minutes for the perfect light crunch on the pepper.




There's something about brussels that makes a meal seem perfect. Perhaps it's the taste of bacon and parmesan mixed in with it, but when you use an Alto Shaam Combi to give it that perfect crunch, it's almost as if the flavor doubles. 




Mixing chicken, broccoli, and cheese, this holiday wreath is edible. Using an Alto-Shaam Vector you can quickly bake it for rushed orders and it's easy to make plenty to go around for everyone. 




This dish can be made with chicken breast or tenderloin and a Wood Stone Fire Deck. Cooking takes around 15 minutes and Tuscan chicken can be made in large quantities very quickly. 




You can't say 'ho ho ho' without a glass of holiday punch in your hand. This simple to make drink can be crafted with the Smart Buffet Ware to be a perfect beverage for children, or with a little Vodka added it can be great for adults.




Perfect for dessert that can treat any sweet tooth is a cranberry Christmas cake. Made with an Alto-Shaam Vector, a mixer, and a bowl, the recipe is super simple and takes minimal time to prep. This is a great cake to serve and can act as a holly gift for somebody that needs a last-minute treat. 




When the weather doesn't provide you with a white Christmas, this Christmas popcorn will. With M&Ms, white chocolate, white cake mix, and sprinkles, you can use the Alto-Shaam Vector to craft the perfect holiday popcorn and spread some cheer.




With mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, peppered salami, and more, these Christmas wreath skewers will be the hit of the holidays. Use the Alto Shaam Combi – Cold Smoke to seamlessly perfect the flavor and add rosemary to the final product to give it that wreath like look.




Everyone loves breadsticks, and these festive sticks made with an Alto-Shaam Vector are no different. Combining parmesan and Havarti cheese with homemade Italian seasoning, you'll be struggling not to eat them when they finish baking. 




For all of your winter fun, using your favorite bottle of tequila for the occasion, you can craft the most delicious holiday cocktail out there. Mix in a little cherry and cranberry juice to help balance out the strong flavor and use a cocktail shaker to thoroughly mix your ingredients. You can add in sugared cranberries to decorate the glass as ornaments and add a little extra flavor. 


Merry Christmas from Ignite Foodservice!

-Chef Daina Canavan 


As you prepare to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas in a fun way, try out these recipes to mix working and cooking with a lot of flavorful fun.

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